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| Last Updated:: 12/07/2017

Wildlife Quiz Contest

Wildlife & Environment Quiz

Wildlife Week (1st - 7th October)



The Wildlife Institute of India and Friends of the Doon Society organise the 'Wildlife & Environment Quiz'– every year to mark the celebrations of the Wildlife Week (first week of October month).The quiz sees enthusiastic participation of students from schools of Dehradun and Mussoorie every year.

What to Expect?
The quiz begins with a preliminary round or qualifying round which is basically  a written test for testing the general knowledge of students on wildlife and environment. The qualifying round has around 40-50 objective type questions for which about 30 minutes are given. However, the number of questions and scoring pattern might be different for every year.


Up to 5 -6 teams are selected for playing the main rounds. Main rounds are typically divided into rounds testing the knowledge of students on Uttarakhand biodiversity and natural resources, Charismatic wildlife of India and World, Famous wildlife personalities of India and World, Natural Heritage Sites of India, Protected Areas of India etc. 


How to prepare?

Students are encouraged to read general books on wildlife as listed below. Students and teachers may also look into the WII-ENVIS centre pages on Protected Areas of India. Students must also see E-news section of WII-ENVIS centre for information on Current Affairs on Wildlife in India.


Quiz Preparation Reading Material


  1. Mammals of India by Prater
  2. A Field Guide to Indian Mammals by Vivek Menon
  3. Mammals of South Asia-Volume One and Volume Two - AJT Johnsingh and Nima Manjrekar
  4. Common Indian Snakes - A Field Guide by Romulus Whitaker
  5. Field Guide to the Marine life of India by Deepak Apte
  6. Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Bikram Grewal
  7. Trees of Delhi by Pradeep Kishan
  8. Jungle Trees of Central India by Pradeep Kishan
  9. Wild Wisdom Quiz Book by WWF-India


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