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| Last Updated::10/01/2019

Major Activity


Visit of GSDP Participants from HIMCOSTE at ENVIS Resource Partner WII

Participants of four month Parataxonomy Course including People’s Biodiversity Register from HIMCOSTE, Shimla visited Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun on 31st December, 2018 as a part of their course curriculum. They were accompanied by Dr. Aparna Sharma, Senior Scientific Officer, HIMCOSTE, Shimla & Ms. Vandana Sharma, IT Assistant, ENVIS-HIMCOSTE, Shimla.
The participants were welcomed to Wildlife Institute of India by the ENVIS-WII team. Ms. Sounika Karmakar, Programme Officer, ENVIS-WII gave a presentation on the Wildlife Institute of India and ENVIS Resource Partner “Wildlife & Protected Areas”. The initiatives taken by ENVIS-WII in Green Skill Development Programme and  National Environment Survey (NES) – a Grid-based Resource Information and Decision Support System (GRIDSS) were highlighted.

Dr. Amit Kumar, Scientist-C, Wildlife Institute of India, gave a presentation on “Role of Parataxonomy in Wildlife Conservation”. This was followed by a interaction between Dr. Amit Kumar and Dr. Navendu Page Scientist-C, Wildlife Institute of India with the  participants on importance of Parataxonomy, skills required to become a good Parataxonomists, shortage of trained Parataxonimsts in the country and what needs to be done to fill this gap. Thereafter, they took the participants to the Nature Trail inside the campus for a Tree Walk and provided hands-on training on Parataxonomy

The Participants then visited the Wildlife Forensic and Conservation Genetics (WFCG) Cell, where they interacted with Dr. Y.V Jhala, Scientist-G, Wildlife Institute of India & Mr. C.P Sharma, Senior Technical Officer, Wildlife Institute of India. Mr. Sharma spoke about the Illegal Wildlife Trade in India, and role of Parataxonomist in wildlife forensic.